Josh Reed

Josh Reed

About Me

I am currently a Regional Safety and Health Professional for CGB Enterprises, establishing and maintaining EHS programs for fifteen facilities. I graduated from Murray State University with a Master of Science in Safety Management and a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health. Previously, I served as a Graduate Assistant in the Occupational Safety and Health Department at Murray State and completed internships for three Fortune 500 companies.

My involvement with ASSE

I have been a member of ASSE since 2012 and was extremely involved in the student section at Murray State University where I served as the secretary and then president. During my presidency, Murray State’s Student Section conducted multiple recognized research projects, organized new community service events, and was awarded the Outstanding Student Section of the Year by ASSE.

I have attended the Future Safety Leaders Conference both as a student and a young professional, serving as a speaker. I am currently actively involved in the Young Professionals in OSH Common Interest Group which strives to increase involvement, provide education, and build relationships.

Annual Professional Development Conference

Imagine a time and place where big-name professionals in the OSH industry, whom you have read about, are meeting to talk about cutting-edge findings, ideas, and problems facing the industry. This exits at Safety 2017, ASSE’S Annual Professional Development Conference and Exposition, June 19-22. The conference itself is so much more than education, I would recommend any student or young professional interested in the OSH profession consider attending for the following three top reasons:

Network: Many would say this is a given, but the extent to which this can be done at Safety 2017 is second to none. I’ve been to my share of career fairs, and they pale in comparison to those you could meet at Safety 2017. At the ASSE conference you can directly seek out professionals in areas in which you are interested, get involved in conversations with them about their work, and get career advice. When I was a student, my peers and I were able to meet mentors, apply for internships and in the end get a job in safety, by simply attending and talking to people. This helps you build your network now.

Sessions: The main reason why most people attend the conference is to learn and hear about best practices and research being done in the field. I was stunned at how many different sessions were going on at the same time. It may feel overwhelming at times because there are so many sessions to attend and sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but I know that I walked away having gleaned a bit of knowledge from the best and brightest out there. You can’t get that anywhere else.

Discussion: One of the most beneficial aspects I found after attending the conference is the new perspectives on things I can learn, simply by talking to people. Not only are the speakers presenting, they’ll be sitting in sessions and lunch with you. This is an excellent opportunity to share ideas, challenges and connect.

Josh Reed Working Out

The Executive Summit Panel provides attendees the perspective of industry and corporate leaders and how they comprehend OSH. Understanding this perspective will significantly benefit what can be expected of your position and can improve your effectiveness in directing safety and health programs in your organizations.

Do it!

If you’re a young profession like me, do it! You will get so much out of it. Plus, who doesn’t want to be in Denver in June?

Expand your network and connect with me!

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